Why Blog Now?

For me, the push into the blogging universe really comes down to two things: 1) trying to avoid fear;  and 2) not wanting to look like a doofus in front of some fairly media and tech-savvy people.

Recently I placed second in a contest called “Journalism Dream”.  The contest was run by the Globe and Mail and offered the winner a chance to attend the 2010 Vancouver Olympics while also working as a guest freelance writer for the Globe.  Generally second place, while great in theory, sucks. In this instance, second kicks ass too!  The guy who placed first, Geoff Edgar, is unable to commit to the full amount of time required in Vancouver so the Globe and Mail decided to send both of us. I will be covering the first half of the Games and Geoff will cover the second half. It is a win-win-win situation for all involved.

As part of the winnings I will be contributing to the Globe and Mail’s Olympic Blog. I have zero blog experience but the Globe’s blogging requirement has moved the “Hmm, maybe one day I’ll try blogging” thought way, way up the priority list. I don’t want to be afraid of blogging and I don’t want to seem less than knowledgeable in this realm. So, I’m practising. On you!

With my tendency for verbal diarrhoea I have wondered about the rationale behind me blogging. While I do talk a lot sometimes (I know, I KNOW!), I also don’t want to over-share. The ease with which TMI has become so commonplace is a tad worrisome. I liken blogging to driving in your car: you think you are in your own little bubble ~ singing at the top of your lungs, having road rage, picking your nose, shaving, eating breakfast, eating the stuff out of your nose (I have seen that!!) ~ protected, hidden by the vehicle and windows surrounding you. People can see you though. And laugh, judge, fear or, sometimes endorse your actions (thank you for the double thumbs-up for my rousing version of Enter Sandman. I DO rock!).  You are not as invisible as you think you are.

Having a blog is a big personal undertaking but my aim is to balance the “sharing” with the bits and bobs of interest floating around in my head. I guess, in my mind, having a blog will allow the tangents I go down to have a place to be collected, perhaps.

Of course, having said that, my blogging in February will likely be very personal as I write about my 2010 Vancouver Olympics experience.

Thank you for indulging me while I navigate this new terrain.


Literal Life


lit⋅er⋅al  /ˈlɪtərəl/ (adjective)

1. of or pertaining to the letters of the alphabet.

2. of the nature of letters.

3. expressed by letters.


life /laɪf /  lahyf (noun; adjective)

1. A manner of living.

2. The physical, mental and spiritual experiences that constitute existence.

3. The general or universal condition of human existence.

Literal Life:

A way for me to combine my enjoyment for writing with my natural curiosity about almost everything. Sometimes funny, other times acerbic or serious, but always of interest (to me at that given moment anyhow but, I hope, for you too .)