A History of the Present Illness, by Louise Aronson

A History of the Present IllnessA History of the Present Illness by Louise Aronson
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this author makes me so jealous/envious — harvard MD. AND MFA. AND she lives in san francisco!? AND is generally awesome and wins writing prizes!? *sigh*

Louise Aronson has an MFA from Warren Wilson College and an MD from Harvard. She has received the Sonora Review prize, the New Millennium short fiction award, and three Pushcart nominations. Her fiction has appeared in Bellevue Literary Review and the Literary Review, among other publications. She is an associate professor of medicine at UCSF, where she cares for older patients and directs the Northern California Geriatrics Education Center and UCSF Medical Humanities. She lives in San Francisco.

i am feeling professionally inadequate! 🙂

this book really resonated with me — though i found it hard at moments to separate the fiction from the fact – wondering often what was real and what was made-up? the style of the telling very much lends itself to just hearing a doctor speak about cases/people she has known.

this collection of short stories is really wonderful. Aronson writes in a way that complex emotions and ideas are addressed via memorable characters and tight prose.

this book is scheduled for release on the 22 january 2013. it is definitely worth your time, so add it to your TBR (to-be-read) pile now, or pre-order it from your favourite bookseller.

(a more complete review will follow, but i wanted to get this book posted and shared with you.)

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