Excellent Day!

Me and my new friend Mark. He won his jersey at Hockey House. He is a hockey trivia buff and it came in handy!

Yesterday, the 16th of February, was great. We had passes to Hockey House to watch the Canadian men’s hockey team play Norway. What a blowout that was! Then we went to the arena to watch a live hockey game – Russia versus Latvia. Hockey House was absolutely NUTS but a lot of fun. The Russian/Latvia game was really, really good. Our seats were excellent. The dude right in front of us caught a puck and was through the roof with excitement. The final score was 8 – 2 and but Latvia had a lot of love in the building and were strong opponents. The score doesn’t really reflect their effort, in my mind!

I wanted to post a quick update and will add more later.

6 thoughts on “Excellent Day!

    • I know you have!! I am finding it hard to eke out some time to do the blog posts. Sorry!! I hope to do a good, big long post tomorrow (today, to you).

  1. You are having a wonderful time. So much to do and so much excitement. That snowboard cross event is stunning to watch. The gold medal win was well deserved. Canadian athletes seem to thrive on these extreme sports.

    • I am having the time of my life. I still can’t believe it. I am staying a couple of extra days and this week have been asked to submit a narrative piece instead of the journal entry style used last week. I am thrilled and will get cracking tomorrow morning. I only had the editorial meeting today so just found out about the change. We then had men’s speed skating tickets so I haven’t had much of a chance to write today. Thanks for following it all along with me!!

  2. Ellen Oakes says:

    Have been watching for the Snow Leopord (sp.) has he already had his turn. Am enjoying all your reports and catching the excitement. Enjoy every minute.

    • Thanks Ellen. It is so exciting. The boys are having a great time too. They come home tomorrow, I come home on Saturday. I am glad you are reading about our adventures here! I’ve been invited to Whistler by the Snow Leopard’s media person for a press conference & interview. I had emailed him before I submit my Globe story in the contest and was given permission to go for it!!! I guess, since they have my email address, they extended the offer my way,adding me to their list of media people. Ha ha ha!!

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