36 Hours Until Launch!

A couple of forces have conspired to keep me away from posting these past few days, but I did want to write a quick update.

Wednesday morning we will be on a plane headed for Vancouver. I still don’t know which events I will be attending but I am packing for all eventualities ~ warm, cold, rain, snow, mountains & oceanfront. It’s making things a bit tricky, but Jeff is strong! I have been in contact with the two other winners and we are keeping each other company in the surreal world we have been sharing for the past few weeks. It is nice to know there are two other people having the same questions and feelings, a bit of excitement with a side of slight anxiety. We are all in agreement though: we will go out there, do our very best and hope it is met with editorial approval.

I want to thank everyone, again, for helping me get to this amazing point with The Globe and Mail’s Journalism Dream contest. It is true that I would not be here without your help and all of your votes!

Do you keep a life list of things you want to accomplish in your lifetime? I was looking at my life list earlier today. Many of you might refer to something like this as your “Bucket List”, after the movie that came out a couple of years ago. I wrote my life list while I was in university. The list has changed a little bit over the years but two of my consistent goals have been to: a) attend the Olympics and b) have my writing published in The Globe and Mail. So you can understand my excitement at succeeding in the contest. At the same time though, my brain seems to feel this is all too big to absorb! I think once we actually put our feet on the Vancouver ground it will all fully hit me. Again, I say, Jeff is strong! He can catch me if I start to wobble.

I will take my life list with me on this great adventure, tucked in my notebook. Sometimes, when you put yourself out there, great things come back to you in ways unimaginably cool! Once I return from the West Coast I will have to update my life list. I am curious about how many people also keep this type of list? What sort of things do you want to realize during your life?