“It was all good — until it wasn’t anymore.”

My tangent for today, well one of them anyway, occurred while I read through the New York Times, online. It followed a meandering path of psychedelia, Timothy Leary, Harvard, Ram Dass and William S. Burroughs.

A new book, The Harvard Psychedelic Club by Don Lattin, is reviewed in the NYT book section. Read the story here. I had not been aware that complementary health guru Dr. Andrew Weil was initially part of this odd club. The most interesting line in the piece was this one: “The Harvard Psychedelic Club” is packed with vibrant details. Mr. Lattin reminds us that John Lennon wrote “Come Together” as a campaign song for Leary’s quixotic race against Ronald Reagan for governor of California.” What?? Seriously!! I did not know that. See, I learn something new every day.

Reviewer Dwight Garner points out some flaws with the book. “This slim book has more than its share of faults. Mr. Lattin’s prose is, at best, serviceable. His narrative is jittery; it jumps back and forth among decades and characters until you’ll need a GPS to find your way home. Worse, Mr. Lattin admits he invented some of the book’s dialogue, basing it on interviews, written accounts and “other research into the various character’ state of mind.” What a bad idea. His book would have been fine without the dubious filler.” However, Garner then goes on to say reading the groovy story withinThe Harvard Psychedelic Club was enjoyable and wonders whether a film treatment will be too far behind?

What a time!